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2016 – Purchase of a New 15 Passenger Van for Koshare Youth Program

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Travel has always been a cornerstone for the Koshare Youth Program.  For a group of small town kids, who do not often get a chance to see beyond their community, Koshare trips play an important role in expanding their horizons to new opportunities beyond their own hometown.  In 2015, the future of Koshare travels was in jeopardy when the Boy Scouts of American changed their requirements regarding the use of fifteen passenger vans older than 2006.

With older vans, the Koshares were required to purchase new vans to continue to have the youth covered under the travel insurance provided by the Boy Scouts of America.  Trips for the Koshare Youth program were canceled in 2016 until funding could be found for a new fifteen passenger van.  Funds from the Koshare Foundation were allocated to purchase one new 15 passenger van for the Koshare Youth Program.