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2016 – Crumbo Donation of Prints to Help Koshare Museum Donor Program

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November 2016 saw great spirit power come to the Koshare museum and youth program. Minisa Crumbo Halsey donated a selection of fine Woody Crumbo prints to the Koshare museum. Minisa is the daughter of artist, Woody Crumbo, long time friend of the Koshares. Minisa has followed in her father’s footsteps and is also an artist, spiritualist, author and entrepreneur.

Rare copies of a number of Woody Crumbo favorites are now in possession of the museum. Included in this collection are some long sought after copies of “Spotted Wolf’s Last Request”. The Koshare museum owns the original oil painting. Having a few copies of the print is a much treasured occurrence. Minisa says that this gift is in the form of “Completing the Circle” for her father. Woody and his wife Lilian lived in La Junta for several years. He had always admired the Scouts and their leader, Buck Burshears and appreciated what they were striving to accomplish. Woody spent time working with the Scouts at dance practice, demonstrating art processes at the museum and offering advice.

Minisa is a trustee member of the Koshare Foundation. She had been thinking of offering a small selection of art prints to the museum for some time. In view of the needs of the museum and the youth program that her father loved, Minisa dipped into her collection. She donated the art prints for the purposes of providing recognition to long time members and donors. Minisa hopes it will also entice continuing membership, new memberships and donations for the museum and youth program. Friends and alumni of the Koshares are encouraged to contact the museum to renew their support.

The Koshare Museum and Foundation thank Minisa for her timely generosity and spiritual boost.